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February 21, 2013
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There was nothing special about the ribbon. It was a light shade of pink and looked as though it belonged in a ballerina’s hair. Not in April O’Neil’s closet. The teenager supposed it was from a moment in her childhood when she had tried taking dance at a younger age. She snorted at the memory, picturing her six year old self trying to fit in with the rest of the dancers, clad in a leotard and oversized tutu.

The red head flipped the ribbon over and over in her hands, trying to figure out what she could do with it. She could throw it away, but she thought it’d be a shame to. The ribbon was in perfect condition for its age. But she didn’t exactly want it sitting in her room for forever.

A tap on the window knocked her out of her thoughts and the female walked over to the glass. In peered two large, reddish brown eyes and a toothy smile. She rolled her eyes, a smile growing on her lips as she clicked open the window.

Donatello balanced in the window, not really going into the room but wasn’t quite outside, either. His smile grew into a grin and April searched his eyes, waiting in silence.

“You okay, Don? This is the third time you’ve checked up on me all night.” She leaned against her wall and crossed her arms. She smirked at the turtle, watching his face grow crimson. Really, she appreciated how thoughtful we was to make sure she was okay. Even if it was just a ‘hello goodbye’ kind of thing. She learned to look forward to these moments and have the chance to see and chat with her best friend.

“Y-yeah, just wanting to make sure you’re okay is all. A-and...” He cleared his throat and seemed to remember something. “That, and I wanted to let you know that the guys and I found a lead that shows that the Foot Clang might be up to something and we’re checking it out. So if you need us, we should be back in a bit.” He smiled down at her, seemingly pleased with what he had just said.

April felt disappointment bubble in her chest. Why? She had no reason to feel that way. “Well, be careful, okay?” She placed her hand on his shoulder and gave him a gentle look. He put his hand over hers. “I will. I promise.” The two exchanged a moment of silence, searching in one another’s eyes. Donatello turned to leave.


Donatello turned around and was met with April’s hand an inch away from his face. He went cross eyed, trying to determine what it was in her palm. “That’s a...ugh...very nice ribbon you got there, April.”

“It’s for you, Donnie.”

“For me?” The mutant took the ribbon with uncertainty in his face. A moment later a grin broke over his face. “I love it. But what’s it for?”

“Good luck, I suppose. Just something to keep with you to remind you that I’m here for you. Always, Donnie. And that you better come home alive whenever you go out and risk your life.”

April processed her words and knew she meant it. She saw the dumb look on Donnie’s face and couldn’t help but smile. She rubbed his cheek with her hand and led him through the window. “If I remember right, you have a Foot Clan to catch, right?”

“Oh, right! Thanks again, April! I promise I’ll be careful!” He stumbled on the roof and left. The female chuckled and closed her window. She could see the figure jump from roof top to roof top and couldn’t help but notice that, if she looked hard enough, in the flowing fabric of his bandana, she could see a hint of pink tied into the knot of his mask. The red head turned from the window, feeling a hint of glee in her heart. And that night, the teenager knew she could sleep well knowing her ribbon was keeping her mutant safe and sound somewhere out there in the cold, cruel world.
I feel like I could have written this better. : Something from April's P.O.V for once.

Based on the 2012 version.

Beautiful cover was done by :iconleonardo2012fan:!! Go check her out! :)
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Yep! Exactly!
LEONARDO2012FAN Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Student Artist
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